Our Technology

Virtually invisible in the ear

For a quarter of a century, more people have trusted Clear-tone with their hearing care than any other facility in Oklahoma. In that time, Clear-tone has developed numerous new-to-the-world technologies that have improved hearing instrument design all around the world. Perhaps one of the most significant developments the hearing care industry has seen in the last 50 years is the receiver in the canal (RIC) hearing instrument. This is a technology that was developed and patented by the Feeley brothers at Clear-tone’s research and development facility in Tulsa and was made available nationally in 2003 and internationally in 2004. Today it has revolutionized the hearing aid industry and become the fastest growing style in the world.

Clear-tone’s RIC Instruments are designed to eliminate traditional fitting challenges, improve fitting comfort and sound quality—and their reduced size creates a more invisible fit when placed in the ear. The instruments are digitally programmed for each person's unique hearing loss and lifestyle, making the adjustment to wearing hearing instruments faster, easier and more comfortable. And because they are modular in design, there is no waiting—Clear-tone customers can try them on and wear them home the same day!