Customer Testimonials

An Audiologist's Experience Wearing RIC Hearing Instruments

I am a certified audiologist with a Ph.D. I’ve been in the profession since 1955. I developed hearing loss due partially to exposure to excessively loud sounds and partially due to aging. In many situations I do not have any difficulty, but, more typically, I have difficulty with soft spoken persons and when I am in a noisy background.

I had a pair of partially in-the-ear canal digital hearing aids for about a year. I heard well with them in quiet situations, but I had a great deal of difficulty hearing in noise. Sometimes I found I could do better without the aids. In addition, I experienced a vexing problem—I sometimes had the feeling I was talking too loud while wearing the hearing aids.

At a professional convention (in 2004), I happened upon SeboTek’s exhibit. I was complaining about the aids I was wearing. The people in the booth suggested that I try their aid.

Let me try to describe what happened as succinctly as I can. The exhibit hall was noisy. The aids were inserted and turned on. The noise reduction switch position was selected. The noise of the convention was significantly reduced, while I continued to hear the person in front of me perfectly! Then when I started to describe my pleasure at the noise reduction I realized my voice sounded normal, the occlusion effect had been reduced—so that was no longer annoying.

I was able to purchase my hearing aids right then and wore them throughout the remainder of the convention. I am still wearing my SeboTeks aids with very great satisfaction.

William Carver, Ph.D.
Audiologist and President, Auditec of St Louis