Customer Testimonials

Hearing Instruments No Longer In The Drawer, Thanks to SeboTek

Several years ago I was fitted with state of the art CIC hearing aids, I wore them home and for a few hours, took them off, put them in a drawer and never wore them again.

Last month I was tested again and ordered SeboTek aids. I received my SeboTek aids several weeks ago. I was absolutely certain, that I would not like them—or any other hearing aids. I was fit in Stockton, California, where they adjusted the hearing aids and made sure I was able to use them.

I left the SeboTek hearing aids on all day the first day, and have worn them all day, every day, since! Most of the time I don't even know I have them on, they're great! Just wanted to let the men (and women) that designed them know, they did a great job. I now hear in noisy places, hear the TV, hear the phone and they are so small and discreet not one person has noticed I'm wearing aids.

Thanks again,

Stockton, CA