Sebo HD Features

Amazingly small...
without sacrificing features or battery life.

Experience hearing with high definition sound!

Available in 4 Performance Levels

  • Up to 111 High Definition Channels
  • Up to 14kHz Bandwidth
  • Auto-FOCUS (Adaptive Directional)
  • Auto Environment Switching
  • Automatic Telephone
  • Wireless Sebo-LINK Connectivity
  • Long Battery Life



HD Auto-Focus Directional Microphone

Having a conversation in a noisy environment is perhaps the most difficult listening situation a person with hearing loss will experience—often resulting in frustration. The Auto-FOCUS feature is designed to maximize amplification in front of the user to improve conversational listening and at the same time reduce noise from behind or from the side. (Not available in HD-6)


HD - Voice Priority Noise Reduction

Sebo HD instruments use an advanced digital technology that is able to monitor the users environment and recognize the difference between noise and speech. Making millions of calculations per second the instruments will automatically reduce amplification of noise and enhance the speech signal—just one more reason that SeboTek instruments perform so well. (available on select models)

Our daily lives are filled with multiple listening situations, from a quiet conversation with a loved one to a more complex environment such as a noisy restaurant or place of worship. The Sebo HD automatic environment detection feature adjusts to subtle changes in the user’s acoustic environment and automatically optimizes its advanced features to maximize listening comfort.

  • Music Enhancement—Automatically detects music and optimizes high fidelity sound.
  • Comfort in Quiet—Automatically reduces low level noise to maximize listening comfort.
  • Comfort in Noise—Automatically reduces loud noise to maximize listening comfort.
  • Speech in Quiet—Automatically enhances speech amplification in a quiet environment.
  • Speech in Noise—Automatically enhances speech amplification and reduces noise in a loud environment.
  • Telephone—Automatically switches to telephone mode when telephone is put to the ear.