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Simple • Clear • Comfortable • Nearly Invisible

Want to hear better?Perfect for part time use

The INTRO is to your ears what a pair of reading glasses is for your eyes. It is an attractive solution for people who have trouble hearing in certain situations and perfect for part time use. The INTRO works by amplifying the softer consonant sounds of speech. It can help you hear the TV at a lower volume and reduce the need to ask people to repeat themselves.

Nearly Invisible Fit

A patented design that is:

  • Nearly invisible when worn. No one will notice you’re wearing it!
  • Extremely comfortable to wear. You will forget you have it on!
  • Delivers exceptional sound quality.

Affordable and Easy to Use

At a price much lower than traditional hearing aids, there has never been a more affordable option. If you have been waiting for an affordable alternative to hearing aids, experience INTRO.

Get it today in a quick and easy one visit fitting!