Moisture Solutions

Designed to help keep your hearing instruments dry and odor free, Clear-tone offers the following dehumidifiers and moisture solutions:

  • Dry & Store Professional

    Dry & Store Professional
    • Easy-to-use drawer and one button operation
    • Partitioned drying compartment keeps two sets of hearing aids separate (especially helpful for families with more than one hearing instrument wearer)
    • Accomodates up to four ITE (in-the-ear) or BTE (behind-the-ear) instruments or cochlear implant ear-level processors
    • Ergonomically designed to provide ease of use for persons with arthritis, stiff joints or other dexterity limitations
    • No grasping skills necessary due to the easy-open drawer and smooth, curved interior
    • Two year warranty; made in the U.S.A.
  • Dry & Store Global

    Dry & Store Global
    • One button operation, hinged lid
    • Single drying compartment accommodates up to two ear-level cochlear implant processors or four BTE hearing instruments or one body-worn processor
    • Lightweight and portable for travel
    • Ships with AC adapter and plug appropriate to the purchaser’s country of origin; also works with an inverter for 12V service
    • Works with either Dry-Brik desiccant or a rechargeable can-type desiccant
    • One year warranty; made in Thailand
    • NOTE: Due to hinged lid and tray configuration, this model is a bit more difficult to use by a person with stiff joints, arthritis or manual dexterity limitation
  • Dry-Brik® Desiccant

    Dry-Brik® Desiccant
    • Formulated for super-high efficiency
    • Absorbs odors as it captures moisture
    • Works with Dry & Store Professional and Dry & Store Global models
    • Individually sealed in a foil wrapper to block moisture and extend shelf life
    • Each Dry-Brik lasts two (2) months
  • Warner Tech-Care Sta-dri Dehumidifier Jar

    Warner Tech-Care Sta-dri Dehumidifier Jar
    • Designed to work as the user sleeps to remove daily accumulation of moisture.
    • Desiccant can be rejuvenated in the microwave.
    • Large enough to accommodate both ITE and BTE hearing instruments.
  • Hearing Aid Sweat Band™

    PAC Style Hearing Instument
    • A disposable soft fabric sleeve that protects BTE devices from moisture
    • Available in four colors and five sizes, the Hearing Aid Sweat Band protects BTE hearing aids from perspiration, snow, and rain, as well as from infiltration of damaging dirt and grime
    • The sleeve is easily slipped over the microphone of a hearing aid, without the need for a tool