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Hear Better LIVE Better Clear-tone Patented TechnologyHear better…LIVE better!

Our latest patented hearing technology makes it easier to be part of the conversation. Hearing loss can be frustrating, especially around the holidays because large family and group gatherings make for a lot of noise soup. Lip reading becomes hard, and tracking multiple conversations at once can be difficult. Clear-tone is here to help you with your hearing needs. When it comes to hearing aids our passion for providing the best hearing aid solutions is #1. We want you to Hear better and Live better!

Special features:

  • Virtually Invisible ⇒ Disappears in your ear when worn. No one will know you are wearing it!
  • Superior Sound Clarity ⇒ High fidelity sound, experience clarity like never before!
  • Patented Comfort Technology ⇒ So comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing it!

Clear-tone has different programs to help with all levels of hearing loss. We want you to enjoy life again and regain excellent hearing health. Personalized treatment plans are part of our patient care. Let us make one for you today!

Clear-tone patient Millie testimonial It was fast and it was easy. I left there with hearing aids in my ears the same day.
My daughter is getting married and I’m excited to be able to hear the entire wedding ceremony.
For me, this has been such a huge gift. Now it’s such a different world for me.
–Millie from Tulsa 


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