Oklahoma Owned and Operated

Did you know that Clear-tone Hearing Aid Laboratories is Oklahoma Owned & Operated?  For over 35 years Clear-tone has been serving the hearing impaired people of Tulsa, Oklahoma. When it comes to developing patented hearing aid technology, no other hearing aid provider in the state has knowledge, experience, or a patent portfolio like Clear-tone! It is our passion to serve the people of Oklahoma that drives us to seek excellence in every patient interaction. However,…

Patented Hearing Aid Technology | Clear-tone

In 1984, brothers Jim and Mike Feeley started Clear-tone Hearing Aid Laboratories with a simple vision; to help improve people’s hearing. Not too long ago, hearing aids were custom made for each ear and manufacturing them was a burdensome process. First, a custom earmold was made and then shipped off to a lab for casting and programming. If the fit wasn’t right, it required more shipping and waiting for adjustments. At times it would be…

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