Wireless Streaming in Both Ears

Direct Streaming Hearing Aids

Wireless Streaming in Both Ears? With Clear-tone’s Wireless Hearing Aids, get ready to understand speech better than ever!

Most people with hearing loss tend to have trouble understanding speech clearly. That means hearing loss can be frustrating, especially when you are watching the big game or your favorite TV show. Maybe you have to ask your spouse or a friend some of these questions: 

“What did he say?”

“Did they say his name was Green?”

“Can you turn it up? I can’t hear!”


Clear-tone has a wireless streaming solution just for you!

If understanding speech, the TV, or telephone calls is frustrating for you or a loved one, Clear-tone can help! Did you know you can get audio and phone calls from your smartphone directly into your hearing aids? That’s right! You can direct stream sound into both your ears via Clear-tone’s wireless hearing aids. That means you can stream the game, your favorite show, or important phone calls, and no one can hear it but you! Direct Stream wherever you are, whenever you want.

Imagine being able to understand speech better on the phone and while watching TV. What if you didn’t have to ask friends or family what was going on during your favorite show? Think about how happy your spouse and family will be when the TV isn’t too loud! Clear-tone’s patented hearing aid technology with wireless streaming in both ears can improve your speech understanding better than it has been in a long time!

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Clear-tone Cares

Clear-tone Cares About You, Hearing Help

Do you say to yourself? “What if I hear someone’s question wrong? Or what if I don’t hear someone calling my name?  Or maybe, what if I smile and nod, as if I understand?” Clear-tone cares!


People with hearing problems try to fill in the blanks when they only hear 3 or 4 words. Tracking conversations can be exhausting. Those who spend their lives listening to others to learn and understand, when your hearing goes, this understanding goes too! Assuming what others are saying, it can be frustrating. Maybe someone who has hearing loss will give up and withdraw from life, and those who love them. Clear-tone cares!

You could be laughing with your friends again because you hear what they said and it was funny! When was the last time you were in a room with people laughing and telling jokes? You laugh along with them by watching other people’s reactions. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear the joke and laugh because you heard and the joke is funny? Clear-tone cares!

Clear-tone Cares, Hearing your friends laughter


Clear-tone cares!  We want to help you re-join life and become an active participant in this life journey. 

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Clear-ton Cares


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Oklahoma Owned and Operated

Oklahoma Owned and Operated

Did you know that Clear-tone Hearing Aid Laboratories is Oklahoma Owned & Operated?  For over 35 years Clear-tone has been serving the hearing impaired people of Tulsa, Oklahoma. When it comes to developing patented hearing aid technology, no other hearing aid provider in the state has knowledge, experience, or a patent portfolio like Clear-tone! It is our passion to serve the people of Oklahoma that drives us to seek excellence in every patient interaction.

However, don’t take our word for it; see what our patients have to say about us! 


“Clear-tone’s latest technology that blocks out
background noises is fantastic.”
— Lois, from Tulsa


“They make sure you feel cared about…
I always feel like I’m appreciated as a
customer and welcomed by everyone.”
— Sue from Broken Arrow


“My experience was life-changing. The
moment they turned on my hearing aids it
brought tears because of all the new sounds
I could hear. Thank you Clear-tone”
— Tim, from Broken Arrow


Everyone is very friendly and professional. It’s the
best hearing aid experience I have ever had! I felt
like family. My hearing aids are great too. I’m hearing
much better.”
— Verda, from Oklahoma City

“COME SEE FOR YOURSELF!”— Jimmie, from Claremore

Since Clear-tone is Oklahoma Owned and Operated, our primary focus has, and always will be, serving the people of Oklahoma. Our Tulsa-based office sits at 24th and Sheridan, in the heart of Midtown. That doesn’t stop us from seeing patients from all over the country and the world!

It’s our worldwide exposure that allows our staff to implement best practices from clinics in Western Europe, Australia, Canada, and the United States, right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma! That means Clear-tone can provide world-class hearing tests, products, and services at Tulsa, Oklahoma prices!

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Patented Hearing Aid Technology | Clear-tone

Hearing Aid Technology
Charley Feeley and Paul Jackson Second Generation Leadership

In 1984, brothers Jim and Mike Feeley started Clear-tone Hearing Aid Laboratories with a simple vision; to help improve people’s hearing. Not too long ago, hearing aids were custom made for each ear and manufacturing them was a burdensome process. First, a custom earmold was made and then shipped off to a lab for casting and programming. If the fit wasn’t right, it required more shipping and waiting for adjustments. At times it would be weeks – sometimes months – before a person got their hearing aids. Clear-tone’s patented hearing aid technology changed all of that. Click here for more About Us.

Things Have Changed

On a mission trip to a small village in Mexico in the mid-1990s, Jim and Mike had a revelation: what the world needed, was a new style of hearing aid. In 2003, Clear-tone’s founders introduced an entirely new design of hearing aid. The new Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) style eliminated many of the issues with custom hearing aids. Clear-tone’s hearing aid technology uses a modular design. They are comfortable, discreet, and perfect for mild to profound hearing losses. The design is also ideal for the mission field and is programmable to the user’s specific hearing loss. Today, over 80 percent of all hearing aids sold in the United States and over 70 percent sold worldwide, use technology licensed from Clear-tone.


Clear-tone’s 2nd Generation leadership — Charley Feeley, Mike’s son, along with Paul Jackson, Jim’s son-in-law, continues to carry on the legacy of providing the very best in hearing aid laboratory in Oklahoma. They have dedicated themselves to reaching every socio-economic mix of the hearing impaired public here in Oklahoma, and around the world, utilizing Clear-tone’s patented hearing aid technology. In 2018, Charley and Paul went back to Mexico and fit over 35 patients with hearing aids, using the very same patented hearing aid technology Jim and Mike envisioned in the 1990s.

Clear-tone’s Services

Today, Clear-tone continues to lead the market by providing a free comprehensive hearing test and consultation, patented hearing aid technology, and same-day fittings.

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