Wireless Streaming in Both Ears

Direct Streaming Hearing Aids

Wireless Streaming in Both Ears? With Clear-tone’s Wireless Hearing Aids, get ready to understand speech better than ever!

Most people with hearing loss tend to have trouble understanding speech clearly. That means hearing loss can be frustrating, especially when you are watching the big game or your favorite TV show. Maybe you have to ask your spouse or a friend some of these questions: 

“What did he say?”

“Did they say his name was Green?”

“Can you turn it up? I can’t hear!”


Clear-tone has a wireless streaming solution just for you!

If understanding speech, the TV, or telephone calls is frustrating for you or a loved one, Clear-tone can help! Did you know you can get audio and phone calls from your smartphone directly into your hearing aids? That’s right! You can direct stream sound into both your ears via Clear-tone’s wireless hearing aids. That means you can stream the game, your favorite show, or important phone calls, and no one can hear it but you! Direct Stream wherever you are, whenever you want.

Imagine being able to understand speech better on the phone and while watching TV. What if you didn’t have to ask friends or family what was going on during your favorite show? Think about how happy your spouse and family will be when the TV isn’t too loud! Clear-tone’s patented hearing aid technology with wireless streaming in both ears can improve your speech understanding better than it has been in a long time!

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