Symphony of Sound

There is a peaceful feeling after the test and fitting when you’ve passed over and rejoined the hearing world again. You suddenly notice the slightest breeze and the sound of how it shakes the leaves around you. You experience nature’s orchestra; this beautiful Symphony of Sound. That moment you can hear again is a beautiful experience. Clear-tone cares about helping people hear better, and we want to guide you through the simple steps to hear the…

Clear-tone Cares

Do you say to yourself? “What if I hear someone’s question wrong? Or what if I don’t hear someone calling my name?  Or maybe, what if I smile and nod, as if I understand?” Clear-tone cares! WHAT IF CLEAR-TONE CAN HELP? People with hearing problems try to fill in the blanks when they only hear 3 or 4 words. Tracking conversations can be exhausting. Those who spend their lives listening to others to learn and…


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