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RIC (Receiver in Canal)

Clear-tone’s patented hearing aid technology and the most popular style around the world. It uses an ergonomic fit along the natural curve of the ear to make it virtually invisible when worn. The RIC is appropriate for almost all types of hearing loss and people of all ages.

CIC (Completely in Canal)

This style of hearing aid is custom molded to fit inside your ear canal. They are small and hide easily within the ear canal. Since they are small, however, they are limited in capability and can typically help with mild to moderate hearing loss in adults.

ITC (In the Canal)

An in-the-canal hearing aid is custom molded and fits partly in the ear canal, but not as deeply as the completely-in-the-canal aid. This hearing aid can help with mild to moderate hearing loss in adults.

ITE (In the Ear)

An in-the-ear (full-shell) hearing aid is custom made and fills most of the bowl-shaped area of your outer ear. This style is helpful for people with mild to severe hearing loss.


We have relationships with every major manufacturer, so if there’s a hearing aid feature you want or need, we can get it!

  • High Definition Sound Quality – Like bringing color to sound!
  • Direct Wireless Connectivity – Get phone calls directly into both ears!
  • Dedicated Speech in Noise Settings – Hear and understand better in noisy environments!
  • Auto Environment Switching – “Smart” hearing aids automatically detect the environment and optimize performance!
  • Remote Control Apps – Adjust volume, memory settings, and more with your smartphone!
  • Rechargeable Hearing Aids – Never mess with batteries again!

High Definition Sound Quality

When you have a hearing loss, often it’s the subtle sounds that go first. Many of our patients don’t even realize they’re missing out until they get their hearing aids for the first time. With the High Definition sound quality in Clear-tone hearing aids, you’ll be able to hear sounds you didn’t even know you were missing!

Wireless Connectivity

The world we live in is so connected now, why should your hearing aids be any different? Our hearing aids can connect directly to your smartphone, allowing you to change the volume, watch your favorite show, or even stream phone calls from your smartphone, directly to your hearing aids!

Automatic Environment Detection

Our daily lives are filled with multiple listening situations, from a quiet conversation with a loved one, to a more complex environment such as a noisy restaurant or place of worship. The Automatic Environment Detection feature adjusts to subtle changes in the user’s acoustic environment and automatically optimizes its advanced features to maximize your listening ability and comfort.

Pricing and Payment Options

Manufacturer Direct

The cost of hearing aids depends greatly upon your hearing loss and lifestyle. Because of our key relationships within the hearing aid industry, Clear-tone is able to offer manufacturer direct, reduced prices on all hearing aid options.

Prices to fit every budget.

From simple fit devices, to premium, state of the art technology, we have prices to fit every budget.

Multiple Payment Options

Clear-tone offers a variety of payment options to suit every need. We work with all major insurance carriers including:

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Aetna
  • United Healthcare

We’re happy to check your insurance for you when you come in for your appointment, free of charge!

Clear-tone also accepts Care Credit and all major credit cards.

An Individual Approach

At Clear-tone, our hearing aids are prescriptively fit to each patient’s unique hearing loss and lifestyle. This makes the adjustment to wearing hearing aids faster, easier, and much more comfortable. Our patients aren’t just a number, we consider them part of the family, and treat each patient as an individual.

That’s how Clear-tone provides the perfect balance of Listening Comfort, Speech Audibility, and HD Sound Quality.

Best of all, thanks to Clear-tone’s modular hearing aid design, we can test our patient’s hearing, prescriptively fit them to that user’s unique hearing loss, and custom fit them to the patient all in the same day!

High Fidelity

The ability to hear a wide spectrum of sound brings life and brilliance to sound, allowing the listener to experience the clarity of voices, subtle sounds of nature, the vibrant tones of music, and the many other sounds that color daily life. For this reason, Clear-tone’s RIC hearing aids provide the widest spectrum of sound reproduction in the hearing aid industry—up to 14kHz and 111 HD processing channels.

Clear-tone is known as an industry leader for providing wide bandwidth hearing aids that perform more like high fidelity headphones than traditional hearing aids.

Our technology allows the listener to hear the high frequency sounds that make soft speech more understandable and the rich vibrant tones of music so much more enjoyable.

High Definition, Low Visibility

Affordable Hearing Aids Clear-tone's Patented Hearing Aid Technology

The invisible hearing aid

One of the most common reasons our patients put off getting hearing aids is the fear of people knowing they have hearing aids. They just don’t want them to be seen!

Discreet and invisible hearing aids are one of the most common requests we get here at Clear-tone, and when it comes to invisible hearing aids, no one does it better!

An Invisible Solution

Clear-tone’s RIC (Receiver in Canal) hearing aids are designed to improve fitting comfort and sound quality—and their reduced size creates a more invisible fit when placed in the ear.

Using patented comfort technology, each hearing aid is specifically designed to contour and blend with the natural shape and shadow of the ear.

Comfort Like No Other

Clear-tone RIC devices come standard with our easy-CLICK tips, which use a patented comfort technology.

Easy-CLICK tips are so soft and comfortable, people often forget they’re wearing them.

This unique technology creates an ultra soft and gentle fit in the ear resulting in an open and natural feel with both vented and non-vented tips.