Our patient centered process.

We are a center of excellence in the hearing aid industry. Our expertise, processes, and access to the widest range of hearing aid styles, means we do everything other hearing aid providers do, but we do it better.

Comprehensive Consultation and Testing

At Clear-tone, we always start with a free consultation where we test your hearing.

During the hearing test, we identify which tones you can hear best and which tones need some amplification, gauge your potential for hearing better, and assess your potential for understanding speech and conversations better with hearing aids. 

Then your hearing care professional will review your results with you and, if hearing aids are recommended, help you pick the best hearing aids for your hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your budget. 

Same-Day Hearing Aids

At other places, you might have to wait days or even weeks to get your new hearing aids, but at Clear-tone, you can get them the same day! 

Because of the modular design of our hearing aids and our expertise in the field, we can test your hearing, review your results with you, prescriptively program your hearing aids to your unique loss, and measure and fit you with hearing aids all in the same visit, so you can be hearing better the same day!

Peer Review System

A core element of what sets us apart from others is our peer review system. 

Simply put, every patient file and recommended course of action is reviewed by multiple team members to ensure the absolute best hearing healthcare for our patients. 

Only at Clear-tone will you find team of expert hearing care professionals large enough to ensure this high level of care. 

Walk-in Appointments Available

While we encourage our patients to schedule an appointment, we know things happen and you can’t always plan to see us. 

With our large team of hearing care professionals, we have the flexibility to accept walk-in patients every day, even without an appointment. 

So, whether your hearing aid isn’t working or you’re ready to buy new hearing aids, you can always plan on Clear-tone to be available for you!

Repairs While You Wait

Only Clear-tone has dedicated hearing aid technicians on-hand to assess and diagnose hearing aid issues and repair them onsite.

With our onsite lab and decades of experience designing and manufacturing hearing aids, we have the staff and the expertise to repair hearing aids onsite, and we can often do it while you wait!

If a hearing aid does need a more involved repair, our relationships within the industry give us the ability to expedite repairs sent to outside labs.

Clear-Tone Services

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