The Clear-tone Difference!

Bluetooth Connection

The latest Bluetooth technology has been incorporated into our hearing aids, allowing patients to wirelessly connect their device. This means you can take your music with no wires – wherever life takes you!

Virtually Invisible

Clear-tone’s hearing aids are designed to be virtually invisible, thanks in part due to the ergonomic fit along with our patented RIC technology.

Crystal Clear Sound

Hearing is the most powerful of all human senses. Clearly understanding speech can inspire you,  empower you, and connect you.

You May Need Hearing Aids and Not Even Know It!


You may be surprised to hear that some people aren’t aware of how severe their hearing loss is. Because hearing loss typically occurs gradually, over a long period of time, oftentimes people with a hearing loss aren’t aware of how bad it truly is. Here are some of the most common signs of hearing loss are:


🚩 Trouble understanding in noisy environments (restaurant, party etc.)
🚩 Trouble understanding phone calls
🚩 Feeling as if speakers are mumbling
🚩 Asking “huh?” or “what?” regularly
🚩 Turning up the TV or Radio volume to a level uncomfortable for others


If you or a loved one experience any of these symptoms, call us today.

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