Symphony of Sound

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There is a peaceful feeling after the test and fitting when you’ve passed over and rejoined the hearing world again. You suddenly notice the slightest breeze and the sound of how it shakes the leaves around you. You experience nature’s orchestra; this beautiful Symphony of Sound. That moment you can hear again is a beautiful experience. Clear-tone cares about helping people hear better, and we want to guide you through the simple steps to hear the Symphony of Sound that you are missing.

Clear-tone Cares™ Services

  • Hearing Testing and Consultations
    • At Clear-tone, our thorough hearing tests and evaluations measure the degree of hearing loss and determine if hearing aids can help you. Your initial test and consultation is free, with no obligation to purchase. Best of all, with our patented hearing aid technology, you can be fit with your new hearing aids the same day!
  • Hearing Aid Repair
    • Clear-tone is Oklahoma’s largest and most trusted hearing aid provider. We service and repair all brands and types of hearing aids, no matter where you got them.
  • Cleaning and Service
    • Sometimes all a hearing aid needs is a quick cleaning to be good as new. We offer check-up appointments and accept walk-in patients for cleaning and service. Our expert staff will always do everything possible to ensure your hearing aids sound better and fit more comfortably than any you’ve worn in the past.
  • Insurance and Special Financing
    • Don’t let financing concerns keep you from getting the help you need. Clear-tone offers 0% financing through CareCredit® and we work with all major insurance providers. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards.


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